“I lost my husband 4 weeks ago and have spent so much unnecessary time locating information for the various agencies.  Had I used “A Guide to Affairs In Order” only a few weeks earlier I would have had everything I needed in once place and would have saved myself not only time but would have had peace of mind.”
– Linda
Houston, Texas


“When I got this workbook a couple of years ago, the first thing I did was update my Will and redo my Durable Power of Attorney. I then made copies to give to the people who love and care for me, so when I am called to my Maker, they will know my wishes.”
~ Michael
Elk Grove, California


“After a short diagnosed illness my husband passed away. In my case and many other women’s, he was the chief financial person for our family. Struggling with illness consumes one and it isn’t the time to discuss financial/business matters that will later affect the living. The ill person definitely is not able to sit at a desk to go through records. Thus if, “A Guide to Getting Affairs in Order” is already properly filled out and discussed with adult members in the household beforehand, referring to it for guidance makes decisions easier. It is comfortable discussing personal matters when people are healthy. Once a loved one is ill the subject is quite difficult and way too sad to delve into. Therefore this booklet is key in helping everyone during a very stressful time.
~ Carole
Fairport, New York


“No matter how much we plan on the “hereafter” it is always a shock to lose someone, and to think of our own demise is a daunting experience. Tucked away now in my file, along with our Trusts, is your book, “A Guide to Getting Affairs in Order.” I refer to it often and continue to supply each chapter with more information. I am relieved to know there will be few surprises when the time comes and our families will be prepared to “follow the instructions.”
~Mary Ann
Sedona, AZ


“When I look back over my lifetime, there were numerous times that people I’ve known have died unexpectedly. Their families were torn apart by the loss and many times conflicts arose from not having their financial affairs in order. These conflicts continued for years and they could have been resolved if they took the time to get their affairs in order. I can see how your booklet will help anyone who cares about how they would be remembered and who is affected when they are gone.”
Kailua, HI


“In a matter of one day, I realized that all my mothers’ efforts in getting her affairs in order were all within the pages of your workbook. Not only was it informative, but it opened up conversations and stories that the entire family enjoyed. I consider this workbook to be a gift. What better gift to give than peace of mind.”
Kent, Washington