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Designed for adults to help their parents or elderly loved ones.

Communicate what their wishes are and where their documents are kept.

Parent_Circle_detailWhat is in the Workbook?

  • Questions to ask to get a conversation started.
  • Topics for discussions helpful to gather important information.
  • Places to write down information.
  • Guide to walk you through gathering information that may be needed in an emergency.
  • Advice on storing important documents and information.
  • Peace of mind for you and those you love.


Parent Version

Getting Affairs in Order Parents

There will come a time when we need to help our parents make sure their paperwork is in order.
Emergencies, unexpected health problems and actual death can occur at any time. Although many people have a difficult time bringing the subject up in conversation, the Parent Version of this workbook can be a valuable tool to help you organize your parents’ storage of important documents and also to make their last wishes known.

You may use the workbook as a guide and skip around to talk about things that are comfortable and interesting. The questions range from legal documents to family history. Purchase and share this version of the workbook so you know what to do or who to call when your parents need your help.

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