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Designed to help families protect minor children
in the event that something tragic happens unexpectedly.

What is in the Workbook?Family_detail_circle2

  • Questions to ask to get a conversation started.
  • Topics for discussions helpful to gather important information.
  • Places to write down information.
  • Guide to walk you through gathering information that may be needed in an emergency.
  • Advice on storing important documents and information.
  • Peace of mind for you and those you love.


Family Version

Someone needs to know what to do if you are unexpectedly separated from your children.
Where to find important documents, both yours and your children’s. The Family Version guides you to communicate and make decisions that will help protect your children, both in the short term and in the long term. This is an opportunity to clarify what you would want for your children.

Besides indicating where documents are kept, you would also write down what your last wishes are, and any other pertinent information. You will have peace of mind knowing you have done what you can to help your children and family.

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